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Balance Package

Balance Protocol: Embrace tranquility, restore harmony, and navigate life's stressors with ease

  • 1 hour
  • Monterey Boulevard

Service Description

"Embark on a journey to tranquility with our Balance Protocol, a harmonious blend of treatments curated specifically to restore balance and calm in those overwhelmed by stress or navigating difficult times. This exclusive package integrates reflexology with other therapeutic techniques, all designed to guide you back to your center. The protocol includes four carefully tailored treatments: 1. Initial Consultation: We begin by understanding your unique challenges and stressors in a detailed assessment, allowing us to personalize our approach. This initial step paves the way for your journey towards balance and tranquility. 2. Reflexology Session: Next, we delve into reflexology, focusing on specific points that correspond to areas in your body where stress often resides. This session is designed to promote your body's natural healing capabilities, enhance circulation, and instill a sense of calm. 3. Relaxation Massage: Our third session invites you to surrender to a soothing relaxation massage that aims to melt away physical tension and mental stress. This session encourages your body and mind to enter a more balanced state, fostering a deep sense of calm. 4. Metamorphic Massage: To round off your balance journey, a transformative metamorphic massage helps address the root causes of physical constraints and mental blocks. This session empowers you to tap into your inner resilience, promoting a profound sense of balance and wellbeing. Our certified reflexologist and body therapist will be with you at every stage, guiding you on your journey towards a more balanced state of being. The Balance Protocol is more than just a service, it is your pathway to tranquility and a harmonious lifestyle

Contact Details

  • 944 Monterey Boulevard, San Francisco, CA, USA


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