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Motherhood Harmony Protocol

Motherhood Harmony Protocol: Nurture your journey, soothe discomfort, and celebrate transformation

  • 1 hour
  • Monterey Boulevard

Service Description

Introducing the Motherhood Harmony Protocol, a specially curated series of treatments designed to nurture and support expectant mothers. This comprehensive package harnesses the gentle power of reflexology, offering soothing therapies aimed at enhancing your comfort and wellbeing during this transformative time. The protocol unfolds over four essential treatments: 1. Initial Consultation: We begin with a detailed assessment to understand your unique needs and tailor our approach accordingly. This crucial first step lays the groundwork for a personalized and nurturing journey. 2. Pregnancy Reflexology: Your second session delves into pregnancy reflexology, targeting specific points on your feet that correspond to areas in your body experiencing changes. This treatment aims to manage common pregnancy discomforts, enhance circulation, and promote an overall sense of relaxation and balance. 3. Specialized Reflexology Session: The third session focuses on a specialized reflexology massage, further catering to your needs during pregnancy. This technique can help soothe specific pregnancy-related ailments, offering physical relief and emotional tranquility. 4. Metamorphic Massage: To conclude your journey, a gentle metamorphic massage aids in releasing stored tension and enhancing emotional resilience. This session is particularly beneficial during this period of significant transformation. Our certified reflexologist and body therapist will guide you through each session, ensuring your safety and comfort at all times. The Motherhood Harmony Protocol is not just a service, it is a celebration of motherhood, providing you the support and care you deserve during this special time in your life.

Contact Details

  • 944 Monterey Boulevard, San Francisco, CA, USA


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